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Tello compared to other drones


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Mar 3, 2018
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The Tello is my third drone. I also have a Spark and a Mavic Pro Platinum. Each has its own nitch in my drone missions. I fly the Mavic for long trips to check on cows, gates, water, hay, etc., on my rural property. I use the Spark for closer checks on similar things, or, for instance, a dozer's progress on a project, anytime I want to get higher for a better look and perspective. But the amazing Tello is no slouch. It is very versatile, an amazingly fast launch, tough and quite handy for close-ups to new calves, selfies when going out to eat, getting a higher look at things in town. It is a fun, well-built marvel, a drone to be proud to own, even if its your only drone.
nice. have you tried the app that increases altitude? I just did and love it.
Yes. I'm careful with it, though. If breezy up there could blow away. The Tello is just so amazingly fun, a lot of capability for a reasonable price. (Just have to be prepared eventually to replace motors.)
altitude---yeah for sure, gotta be careful. So much fun. Replacing motors. Easier said than done l think, Squeezed in there and short wires ... But soooo much fun.
I have a Spark and P4, and I'm using the Tello in my classroom with my Tech Club students. We have a "stable" of quite a few really awful cheap Wal-Mart drones of varying age, all with the disadvantage of having to adjust trim. This is pretty tough for kids, and they get frustrated early. Recently, I've been using the Parrot Mini Drones (The Cargo, specifically), and we've had GREAT success. We even use the 3-D printer to make lighter prop guards in colors to make them easier to keep track of in the air. I was totally shocked by how fantastic the Tello is compared to these already-great little drones. The Tello will open up a whole new world for my students, from programming in Tynker to learning FPV and maybe even remote imaging simulations. I absolutely love the Tello, and you can bet it's going to be on my purchase orders next year.
I use: TelloAltLimitSetter TALS It works up to 30 metres... though you should be careful of wind....
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