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Tello disconnects the second it lifts off


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Apr 23, 2022
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my Tello disconnects the second it lifts off. I dont know what happened to it, it has been a while since i last used the drone and i decided to use it just yesterday and at first it flew for a good 10 seconds and then it just fell to the ground. Now the moment it lifts off it instantly falls back to the ground. I checked the wifi to see if it disconnects and it does, It disconnects and instantly reconnects. It doesn't disconnect when its idle on the ground, it only disconnects when it takes off.
i've tried a few things like cooling it down, charging it to full battery, rebooting the drone and my device but it still wont work.
Most likely the battery got damaged. You probably overdischarged it in storage.
yea my dad said the same thing too. Plus i think the battery might have expanded while it wasn't used because the battery is stuck inside the drone really tight and it also made the drone's shell slightly separate from the main body. I tried to use a screw driver to pry the battery out but it didn't work so my dad told me to just store the drone and wait for him to come back and fix it.
Sounds like good advice. Do not charge the drone again, drone batteries can catch fire if damaged.

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