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Tello Video Reviews On YT

It does a lot better in the wind than I expected.

It really does, can't wait to see if that behavior is consistent.

If the early reviews are any indication, seems like a helluva drone for $99. I think DJI had a very heavy hand in development. It may be branded and sold by Ryze, but the thing screams DJI from the app to the hardware.
I received mine yesterday. After a few initial problems mainly caused by my lack of reading the manual, I had several indoor flights. The Tello is worth every penny of its price. It’s a fun drone to fly. It’s extremely stable, and does all that is advertised.

Just a few minor snivels. 1. The indicator LED is on the front, by the camera. It must have been designed with dronies in mind. It would have been nice if the LED was on the rear. Since the lower body is pretty symetical, and made of black plastic, it can be difficult to tell which way is forward unless the drone is coming toward you. I put small squares of different color bright tape on it for less confusion (at least for me). 2. The video drops frames on a regular basis. A firmware upgrade will probably fix this. 3. When the battery gets low, and the drone goes into “auto land” it’s gonna land, no matter what’s under it. In one adventure it landed half on, half off my coffee table. No harm done, but pay attention to your battery level. 4. Haven’t come close to the advertised 13 minute flight time, yet (usually around 10). That’s a little over 20% lower than expected. Solution? Buy another $20 battery or two.

But on the positive, the little thing is tough. I’ve crashed it against walls and furniture, and at one point my cat lept up and snagged it out of the air without warning. The good thing here is that when the IMU senses a sudden, unusual attitude, it shuts the motors down. It survived each misadventure with no problem. In one adventure, while reinitializing the IMU I put two of the props back on incorrectly (see first paragraph). When I tried to take off, two props lifted, two tried to go subterranean). The IMU. Immediately sensed the problem as one side lifted about 1/2 inch and the other didn’t, and shut the motors down. Nice!

Go buy one!! You’ll love it!
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