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Troubleshooting Class Activities


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May 17, 2023
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I just got a class set of 20 Robomaster drones and we are using PyCharm on our school laptops to program them. So far, we are only able to get them to fly and follow basic commands like move, rotate, flip. I keep running into roadblocks every time I try to get them to do anything else like access the camera, print sensor data like time of flight, or enable and utilize mission pad detection. I'd also like to know whether we can program the light matrix from PyCharm because everything I've read so far indicates that we can only do that in Drone Blocks (which I'm trying to avoid).

I am following the API at Tello - DJITelloPy API Reference as best as I can, but there are no instructions showing me which commands to use and in what order. Can anyone help by providing some basic programs that will accomplish any of the above capabilities?

Any activities or resources for educators to share with students would be much appreciated.
Did you take a look at the examples directory?

In order to send "EXT" commands for the ESP32 extension module, you find them described on page 7 ot the DJI Tello SDK 3.0: https://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/RoboMaster+TT/Tello_SDK_3.0_User_Guide_en.pdf

DJITelloPy provides the commands "send_command_with_return" and "send_command_without_return" to be used for sending any kind of command to Tello, which is not directly supported by DJITelloPy (like the EXT commands).

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