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Tello Route Mapping with Python


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Jan 10, 2024
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We are making a project that involves mapping the route that our drone takes in each flight. At this stage, I have programmed the modules necessary to log the flight coordinates and do live mapping as well, with inspiration from CV Zone's mapping program. However, currently the mapping procedure does not take any data from the drone, but instead logs the commands sent from the computer to the drone, thus being unable to record discrepancies between what the drone actually did and what commands were sent from the controller. Lots of things can cause discrepancies, such as the drone moving due to winds, and not registering the sent commands due to whatever reason, as I am sure many of you have observed the drone making minor movements without input.

We would like to explore a solution that involves the data sent from the drone during the mapping process. Is this possible? Is that the method that apps like TelloFPV use? Any help would be appreciated.
As documented in the SDK, the drone sends telemetry data on an entirely seperate port the entire time, you might want to look into that.

I am unaware of how long your route is supposed to be when everything works but if it is within a 3x3 or 5x5 space you might want to try using a flight map (Makes drone more accurate and can report coordinates relative to its center). Feel free to look it up online, you can find the image for it free of charge and only need to print it out. Alternatively you can always buy it.

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