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Virtual joystick commands


May 1, 2018
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Hi there,

I have got my Tello 2 weeks ago and I have to confess that I'm really happy with it. I have tried a UDI drone for ~80€ before (got it for testing at work), it was not too bad for the price, but the camera was useless in my opinion. Now I have found the Tello and it's really easy to fly, and I appreciate the camera results. It hovers very stable also in windy condition (with a nice angle towards the wind ;) ).

Now I have found out that you can start the motors also by pulling both sticks towards the inner back position (see picture). In the Tello manual there is no description about this kind of stick commands, I just tried as it worked like this with the UDI drone.

Does anybody know other commands than this one? Would be nice to have other options without tapping around on the smartphone screen...

Greets from southern Germany :)

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I just tried it, and it worked the once. Then up allows the drone to take off. That V command is standard? It's the same on the gimbals of my MiDrone.
Coming back to my question: did somebody find other stick commands by case?
No other commands like that. That is a standard RC CSC. The intent is to allow you to kill the drones power in an emergency.

Its funny, most people freak out when they find out you can shut off the drone in midflight with a stick maneuver. OMGosh, What if I do it by accident?!?!? If you fly like that its going to come crashing down sooner or later anyway..
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