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Xperia z2

Barry IOW

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Nov 21, 2018
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Hampshire UK
Have anyone used a Sony Xperia Z2 to control their Tello Drone?
Also I have A Galaxy Tab (A) 2016
Running Android version 7 would this work ok.
Thanks in advance

no clue, you could try atemt to download it from google play store and se if its avalible, so far i know if your phone doesnt suport the tello the app wont be avaliable. gues there exeptions but wortha try. you need the 'Tello" app atleats thats whats its caled on iphone
Hi To my
I have successfully downloaded it to both the pad & phone but does this mean they will control the quad ok?
I need to know before buying the quad.
i am no suport. i dont know, you could mesage suport if you want to know for sure. but guesing it works, but somtimes its not working with apps. but gue syou ask suport or give it a go. but iphone has a video record problem, seems prety widespread. but i am in no position to garantue you it works. whouldent be right to do sichn i have the tello sich yesturday.

can say its a darm good drone if your budget is around 100,-. intel and DJI damr good brands,and the oter on e(think thats the suport brand not sure)
but gues if want to keep it save you shouldent remove protection parts, i crashed mine 4 times yesturday all fine , some guy on youtube seemed to rely on the video stream with latancy, so i figured i not want to use the video as sole navigation:) not on the telo. gues pro drones you can. but a very good toy class. with dji and intel tech. not the toy on toy stores i am sure;)
but guesing you also could mesure how much the question or xperia comes in gogole suerch in relation to eucther to get a idea. i mean if there are problems or questions those 2 names should come in google. i mean tamagochi and tello arent on google for example or a nitendo ds.
My phone are not listed but works great well except for range...if you planning to go range flight and high altitude, you needed mi WiFi repeater.it cheaper and work like a charm...see the list of Ryze


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Today got my Tello & pleased to say that all aspects of the drone works peferctly with my Galaxy Tab (A) 2016.
Video & pictures record well.
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Today got my Tello & pleased to say that all aspects of the drone works peferctly with my Galaxy Tab (A) 2016.
Video & pictures record well.
Congratulations just don't expect too much or you will just disappointed.tello is amazing if you know what you're doing and knows the limitations of tello... welcome aboard feel the fun and pain...tello??
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Tried my Xperia Z2 today & all the controls were reversed?

Contacted Tello online & they said not had this issue before suggesting I uninstall Tello app then reinstall it.

Did this & pleased to say the controls were back to normal.

So the Xperia Z2 works ok.


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