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Can't save photos/videos with Gamesir


Sep 13, 2018
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Finally got Game Sir working to fly my Tello, yay, but not able to save any pics or videos to my iPhone X using controller or virtual controls on phone. Suggestions?
The gamesir is NOT relevant to the pics or videos
In the Tello application press on the arrow at the top as when still tello app is connected wifi to tello.
Then select what pics to download to your cellphone
Then...select Video..and do as same as in the pics
So you will have all pics and videos on your smartphone even if tello is shut down.
Hope it will help
Thanks, will try that, but why does the Game Sir show in their diagram to press R1 for photo and L2 for video?d6d65ad95549dc885d1cdedc5451806c.png
This is only for taking pics and videos!
Dose Not connected to saving or downloading or wiewing pics/ videos!!
you fly and taKe pIcs / videos with the gamesir.
downloading / viewing..is a different story.
Try it and let me know.
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Ok, tried using the virtual controller to take pics and vids, including the circle thing, and the up and away command, which are both supposed to capture video. Nothing saved to my iPhone X, and I looked everywhere for them. What am I doing wrong?? Need to have this working, as that's a big part of the fun!
when taking a pic with the gamesir
do u see in screen ashuter like with a " click sound" ??
if thats ok
do controller is ok
errow up on the app dose see the pics to select from?
did u checked this out??
or no pics at all none as u press the errow on the app?
As I mentioned, I only tried to take pics and vids with the virtual controller. didn't use the Game Sir. And, yes I heard a shutter click on the still pic, and watched the video timer progressing while shooting vids. But got nothing on my phone!
As i remember
Check out in this forum
There were peopke with the same problem as u have.
I do not know ehat did the finaly did
But shure they figure this out.
Thats it as from my side..i tryed my best
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