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Controling multiple Tello drones from single code (and machine)


Oct 25, 2018
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to control multiple tellos from one single (preferably python) program.

I do know that each tello is connected by its own, specific, WIFI network, thus I guess it would require multiple wifi NICs.

Has anyone accomplished to do such a thing?

Thanks a lot,
I personally have no idea how to do this, but I've seen many videos (including the commercial in the Ryze page) where they accomplish this.
Tello EDU has an 'AP' command for chaning the IP address of the Tello so as to allow formation flight/swam/controlling multiple Tello possible from one machine. But DJI do not update Tello firmware to do so even this is a very simple thing to do for them. (May be because Tello EDU is sold in a higher price)
There is no simple software solution to get around this as all Tello uses one fixed IP address and cannot be changed.

Inspired by some of the other member's work, I am suggesting a possible solution to get around this with some additional hardware, the ESP8266 modules which is cheap (around US$3 each)

wifi module
swarm (tello EDU)
formation protocol
Tello EDU cannot stream video


One tello can be connected as usual with PC wifi port, note that Tello EDU was reported cannot use stream video. This one can stream back the video to the PC.

Open wifi hotspot on the PC, so one master ESP8266 can be connected to the PC on wifi. This master ESP8266 is connected to a few slave ESP8266 with its serial port. Each slave ESP822 is connected one Tello though wifi. Only commands can go through this link and since the other Tello are not connected direct to the PC with wifi, video from them cannot be stream back.

other than the modules you need :

1) protocol from PC to master with tello # and command
2) ESP8266 master firmware to accept data from PC and relay them to slaves, accept data from slave and relay back to PC
3) ESP8266 slave firmware to select data from master and relay back and forth from Tello
4) Software on PC to lead the formation flight

However, even if you have this, interference on Wifi channel is still a problem, I do not know is there any possible way to let each Tello to use a different wifi channel from others. It looks they select the wifi channel randomly by itself.

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