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No match against wind. Lesson learned.


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Dec 25, 2018
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I wanted to get a bit braver today and go out to a park near my house. I personally didn't think the wind would be a factor since it was very light. I was wrong. I got it up to around 8 meters and a gust took it near the trees. I struggled as fast I I could to get it back to safety but to no avail. It was no match for the wind. Boom, right into the trees. Luckily I fished it out and it only cost me one prop but it was a close call and lesson well learned that any wind = no flying.
Had this problem last night - Took it out to a field at dusk.

Seemed pretty still out, flew it up 10M in to the air and it got caught in a draft - Got carried a long distance and I lost sight of it. Tracked out with a torch and spent 30 minutes looking for it in trees and shrubs only to realize it was on the ground!

Lost all my props but that's fine considering I was expecting to have lost the entire drone.

I was frustrated that once the drone 'crashes' you can't relaunch it without setting it properly, it would have helped to have been able to spin the props to help locate it. Surprised they don't come with lights, might mod LED's to it.
Did you put it on fast mode? I've flown up to 10mph winds on fast mode and original props.
I’ve also chanced flying it in wind. The gusts take it very quick. Fortunately I managed to land it safely.

How do I check if it’s on fast mode ?

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Has anyone tried Tile? I use it in my phone and wallet and it works great.

Ebay Daily deals has them for a steal right now: Tile Combo pack (Slim and Mate) - 4 Pack | eBay
You will have a few more video issues due to the nature of BT. Control range will be affected, too, depending on how often the tile sends its packets. And you will lose maybe 20-30% flight time.

And I had mixed results with similar tag devices in another project (not drone related). Once grounded range is fairly limited.
Bad reviews.

How will you find the drone if it powers off, you won’t be able to locate the WiFi signal.

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There is a very small and light anti-battery-slip you can buy, so when the drone crashes the battery won't disconnect! It's very cheap i got mine for 1,22 euros and it weights 0.85 grams. It won't affect tello flight. Check it out on google ;)
if you flight app created a flight log file you can use it for plotting flight route as i explained here

Plotting Ryze Tello Routes with CsvView

aTelloPilot and Tello stock app can create a log file. I suggest @volate!lo to do it in TelloFpv.

all the best
Writing log files helps only the selected few technical people willing to go the extra mile to decode logfiles. That excludes at least 95% of the user base.

I think its better to focus on solutions that help all, including these 95% not willing / capable of digging through log files. There are easier ways for finding a crashed Tello which are suitable for the average user. Just need time...
almost lost mine today, a bit windy yet on fast mode, had it around 30m up and a strong gust came, couldnt get it down fast enough and landed 20m up an old gum tree, quite an effort to get it back, and lost 2 props.
Normall i went up like 29m or 30m. Only problem was you can't move the drone very fast bcz of too much wind. Don't afraid for that. Just put the drone into fast mode and come down. That's only way against the wind problem.
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