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[Tello] New firmware released!


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Dec 11, 2018
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Before I got the Node-RED stuff from IBM working I tested the normal Tello app again and a new firmware was available. I installed it and later I got the Node-RED stuff working but I constantly got errors.

After a bit of digging and understand what goes where I saw that the Node-RED flows hiccup because the Tello State commands sends a different data string.

Normal Tello is
but now my Tello sends

I checked the PDFs on Ryze Tech but neither the changelog nor the SDK mention those. I checked the Tello EDU SDK and these additional values are for mission pads.

The new firmware is and it looks like Tello is now a Tello EDU.
I used the Python file but I cannot send any SDK 2.0 exclusive commands like stop, mon, moff, sdk?, sn?, etc. so it looks like something is broken.
This is what is shown in the app

and here's the confirmation from Ryze that it's a legit firmware
Thanks for information...but any functional changes you noticed? aside from better connection? New looks of apps or others new functions? Idk i can't connect to ryze website it said 500 error or something like that ??
Ho contattato il supporto di ryze e sul nuovo aggiornamento dice:

Alexis C (Ryzerobotics)
12 月 13 日 CST 18: 26

grazie per aver contattato Ryze!

Mi dispiace se non ci sono ancora informazioni sulla home page poiché la versione del firmware V01.04.78.01 è stata appena rilasciata ieri, i nuovi aggiornamenti come indicato
Aumentata la precisione al passaggio del mouse per il decollo automatico.
Aggiunto supporto per Swift Playgrounds. (Tello Edu)

Siate certi che le nuove informazioni sul firmware verranno aggiunte alla homepage.

Apprezziamo la tua comprensione.

Grazie mille!
I migliori saluti,
RYZE Customer Support
No difference at all. The only thing I noticed (but I may be wrong, have my Tello just for a very short time) is that it's getting hot real quick and shutting down because of it. When it's just sitting on my desk doing nothing it takes approx. 5 minutes before it reaches its max. of 90°C.

EDIT: I also was NOT able to send the commands for mission pad stuff to the Tello, eg. mon or moff and the variable mid that is now part of Tello State sends wrong information. The SDK of Tello EDU says it should be -1 if no pad is detected and a number between 1 and 8 if a mission pad is detected.
Maybe they use different commands for the regular Tello. Maybe the mission pad detection is causing the higher temperatures.
I'm having a LOT of problems with the new firmware,

- no more telemetry in Node-Red
- no video streaming with Python

luckily I have two Tello !
So I don't upgrade both....

Concerning the "new" function, I didn't find any....
If you mean johnwalicki/Node-RED-Tello-Control then yes, that isn't working currently. I already informed John Walicki, the developer of it. The new firmware sends more variables in Tello State than older versions did. One of the variables sent contains the value "0,0,0" and that can't be stored as a number like all the other values are. This is causing the whole Telemetry Dashboard to fail.

If someone who's good with Python wants to fix it: It's line 666 in johnwalicki/Node-RED-Tello-Control $filter($split($trim($string(payload)), ';'), function($v){$v != ''}) tries to put "0,0,0" into an array as number (works for every other value).

Haven't played with video streaming yet so can't say anything about that.
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To fix the telemetry data in the Node-RED flow, change the JSONata expression in the change node to :

$filter($split($trim($string(payload)), ';'),function($v){$v != ''}) {$substringBefore($, ':') : $contains($substringAfter($, ':'), ",")? $map($split($substringAfter($, ':'),','),$number) : $number($substringAfter($, ':'))}

We are currently developing the Node-RED content on a different branch, the most up to date flows are here : Node-RED-Tello-Control
I have noticed a significant degradation in video quality after applying the new firmware. Can anyone confirm this?
Just did the update.

I don't have any video quality degradation.

The wifi signal definetly improved. I can now fly inside my house farther than I could previously.

Sadly I don't use any programing tools, so I cannot comment on that.

I didn't like that the Tello no longer verifies the motors have props attached before take off. I have seen other drones not have their props attached correctly, lose them and crashed.
Yes. Haven't tried all the features, but it does fly, record, & take fotos no problem.Screenshot_20181215-145808_aTelloPilot.jpg
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Not a single changelog on Ryze website mentiones the new firmware, except the japanese version. However the version number is wrong but maybe that is a typo.

I don't know what workload they have but it's surprisingly bad that they can't update the changelog for other languages even though they already have the changes in english (in a japanese version). Also [email protected] doesn't have a clue what's going on. Looks like Ryze Robotics is a one man company.
@an3k I agree with you.

I can't understand no any info about firmware update into English Ryze website.

I noticed features listed into japanese version page don´t match what is shown into your app changelog:

Your app:

Firmware aktualisieren


Optimized device connection
Optimized the battery upgrade process
Optimized flying performance for propeller guard installation

Japanese page:

What's New?

Increased the hover accuracy for auto takeoff.
Added support for Swith Playgrounds
I contacted [email protected] and [email protected].

Regarding the new variables in the Tello State string (mid:257;x:0;y:0;z:0;mpry:0,0,0) sdk@ told me:


But shortly before I got that answer I also got an answer from support@ and they told me the following:


TL;DR: sdk@ says mission pads are NOT supported by the regular Tello and those variables will get removed in the next firmware. support@ says the changes and version shown in the Tello app are wrong implying the changes and version shown in the changelog PDF are correct (added mission pad support).

I also noticed that you should only ask a single question per ticket because only one gets answered and the others get ignored.
So in layman terms, someone made a bubu when launching the new firmware and if you are into sdk for the Tello, you got the short end of the stick.
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