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Won't take off

guys i have tello drone it's so heavy to fly .... when i take off 1 meter on air immediately landing

it's like some magnet ? on the land
My Tello is now doing the same. It takes off and quick up around one meter and then bang down to the floor. I have tested all three apps and the last test with Tello FPV app it lift off and quick down to floor and up again and down like "bounce mode". It is impossible to lift off and start to hover in one meter or two meter up.

Have you found what to do? Is it possible to reset all settings and make a new calibration?
I was going nuts trying to figure out what markings were on the propellers. I lost one of my props so I went to the little bag they sent and noticed that several props were reverse pitched and thought they made a mistake. I couldn't find the marks because I replaced the lost prop with one that had the same pitch as the others. Turns out my Tello came with 3 props of the same pitch and one of the opposite pitch and it flew. I noticed my control didn't seem solid though. Once I found an image on Google that showed the marks I dug through the bag and sure enough there were marked props. I put them on the 2 and 3 positions and it takes off again and even is better controllable. Yeah!View attachment 2582
This was the most helpful tip on the whole thread and including from the 5 YouTube videos I watched!! Not all heroes wear capes!! Thank you! I was trouble shooting my 7 year olds drone for the last two hours and THIS finally helped. There will be one happy little girl in the morning.

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